line up:


Marcos Ritvo


Agustin Lagresta

Guitar & Keys

Sebastian Rodriguez


Juan Pablo Pilatti

Drums & Vocals


Past musicians:




Silent Scream origins in 2001, that year Agustin Lagresta (guitar) joined the project initiated by Striker Germain (drums), a project that included styles such as Hard Rock and Heavy metal. With the subsequent arrival of Maximiliano Ravera (guitar) and Paul Pacenza (bass) in April 2002 is almost completed their first lineup.

After several failed attempts to get singer in June joins Marcos Ritvo (vocals), with this lineup and an extensive list of songs is on the road to the first official presentation took place in August 2002. After many shows, the project required the need to expand the musical horizons this caused differences in the band. These differences cause the departure of German Striker at the end of 2003.

With a vacancy and the project stalled by the remaining members embark on the arduous task of finding a drummer. After several unsuccessful attempts in 2005, Juan Pablo Pilatti joins as a drummerr. With the full band again the band is on the road to find a new sound, which includes various styles such as Heavy Metal, Prog Metal and Prog Rock. With new songs the band performed many live shows in the following years.

In November 2007 Pablo Pacenza for personal reasons, left the project leaving a vacancy, the situation ends with the arrival of Gaston Lorda (bass). Again with the whole band, start recording the first album called “UPSTREAM” With their first album completed, with second album is well under way, the band started on their way to spread his style.

In mid 2012 Gaston Lord leaves the band, once again the search for a bass player was begun. Finally Sebastian Rodriguez join to Silent Scream on 2013 to take the bass vacancy.

With a couple of new songs for the new album the band suffer another casualty in his lines, in early 2014 Maximilano Pacifico needs to leave the band to give more space to his professional carrer.

The band decides replace the vacancy for guitarrist with keyboards in order to get a more progressive sound.